Every New Day

Every new day adds a color to my palette
Why then is my canvas still white

Every new day I find a shimmering pearl
Why then is my necklace still a rope

Every new day begins like an unread novel
Why then are the words only a blur

Every new day I open my window
Why then is my room a pool of darkness

Every new day brings with it a promise
Why then do I lie in bed unfulfilled

Every new day I wander the desert
Looking for more than these telltale signs of you

Every new day I pine for a miracle
I stumble like a blind man but with eyes that can see

Is every new day a new marker on my path
Are the limits of my own imagination blinding me?

8 thoughts on “Every New Day

  1. Hello Satyen,
    Well composed poem, though it projects a bit of negativity in my opinon. Every night turns over and a dawn comes up, there is always light at the end of tunnel!! Am sure you will appreciate these and come oyt with more sprightly ones!!
    Keep it up! Very good work!!


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