Make My Day

(On November 18, 1978, a total of 918 people died in Jonestown, Guyana, a remote settlement established by a cult whose leader was a preacher called reverend Jim Jones. Most of them committed suicide by drinking Flavorade, a sugary drink, laced with Cyanide, at Jones’s command. This is what a demagogue can drive his followers to do.)

I am the definer
Of your cause
I am the custodian
Of your laws

I will punish
Those who won’t abide
Unity is useless
I seek to divide

Facts are futile
Truth doesn’t matter
I will drain the swamp
I will rape, pillage and shatter

I am the champion
Of those who follow me
I am the destroyer
Of those who disagree

Unfiltered tweets
Are the order of the day
The only things you’ll hear
Are the things I have to say

I am the leader
And you are the led
You will learn to relish
The bilge that you are fed

Tear up that social fabric
What use is it to you
They will take what is yours
As soon as you let them through

You will idolize me
To me you will pray
You made me your leader
Go ahead, make my day

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