Who Is Rich

Who is rich and who is poor

The Masai cowherd I met in Kenya
Who proudly watched over his cattle herd
Or the businessman in California
Who owned a Cadillac, a Corvette and a Thunderbird

The old farmer toiling in his paddy in Bali
With a smile that showed one shining tooth
Or the lonely widow in Sunshine City
Trying to recapture her long-lost youth

The stick-fisherman in Sri Lanka
Enjoying an evening Arak with his friends
Or the young woman in a bar in Seattle
Wondering in whose bed her night would end

The quiet group of Indian women
Bent in prayer on a riverbank
Or the room full of day-traders in New York
Worrying about the value of the Swiss Franc

They say wealth is not a material thing
Wealth is just your state of mind
Why then are we searching ceaselessly
For the treasure we never seem to find

4 thoughts on “Who Is Rich

  1. Resonates with me. I truly believe that happiness is not achieved through material possessions but from healthy relationships and a simplistic attitude towards life. I would definitely feel richer if I had more relationships or at least healthier ones.


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