Some Days

Some days I wake up and find you
Curled up in my arms
Some days you dodge me even though
I try with all my charms

Some days you come to me effortlessly
With the greatest ease
Some days you act all coy
Like the world’s biggest tease

Some days you come alive
With shades of red, gold and green
Some days your face is pale
Your smile gone, your eyes mean

Some days you’re playful
Like a little girl chasing a butterfly
Some days you’re melancholy
Even mournful, and you won’t say why

Some days you are sunny, chirpy
In a chatty, cheerful mood
Some days you are recessive, pensive
You prefer just to brood

Some days you come over
You hang around, you say you will stay
Some days you are so hard to find
You seem to have drifted away

Some days I am ready with pen and paper
I know you will soon be here
Some days great men have waited for you
Including Shakespeare

I want to catch you and hold you
Put you in a cage and throw away the keys
O inspiration, why are you
Such a difficult mistress to please?

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