How Much More Joy

This land is your land, said the famous song
I hoped the road won’t be dreary though I knew it was long

From the breathtaking beauty of the jagged Acadia coast
To the reaches of Death Valley – nature’s last outpost

The weeping rocks of Zion drench me with Nature’s love
I am humbled atop the Rockies, with nothing but sky above

The red rock canyons of Bryce, lit up at sunset, as if on fire
The Saguaros of Sedona stand silent – is it me they admire?

Under the delicate Arches that seem to bridge heaven and earth
Watching the Yellowstone geysers – first pangs of our planet’s birth

I survey the landscape of Badlands, as great as the firmament
I cower under the mystical power of Devils Tower Monument

The majestic formations of Grand Canyon’s deep crevasse
The sheer breadth and depth of Canyonlands’ vast expanse

The shimmer and quiver of aspens that tremble and shake
The crusty, crested crown of calcite round Mono Lake

As I wander around Monument Valley, I feel El Dorado beckon
My riches are already bigger than McKenna’s Gold, I reckon

All this bounty – there’s so much my heart can barely keep up
How much more joy will you pour in my humble little cup?

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