They tell me I am crazy
Totally insane
They want to open me up
Analyze my brain

They try to interpret
My every dream
They don’t know I am wise
To all their schemes

They’ve put me in this place
Under lock and key
They’re the ones who are prisoners
I’m the one who is free

They say I get angry
Violent without a cause
They don’t know my misery
Oh how it gnaws

They say I seem to live
In a world of my own
Wouldn’t you too
If you felt so all alone?

They say I live in the realm
Of my imagination
I don’t want to live in theirs
It’s an abomination

I do want a normal life
A home, a family, a loving wife
First I must stop this heartache
That cuts me like a knife

I want to hear the voices
Of the living, even of the dead
But first I must silence
These voices inside my head

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