Bombay Chawl

I’ve often listened to a country song
Of his woes I’ve heard the singer tell
He sings of a life that went so wrong
He says “I just dwell where I fell”

I was raised in a Bombay chawl
A two-room dwelling for five
Trying to sleep as the neighbors brawled
What a way to stay alive

They talk about the journey that is life
I think mine began in hell
The memories still cut me like a knife
It’s a difficult story to tell

What rescued me was a good woman’s love
She helped me get over my sorrow
She pushed me out of there with a shove
And taught me to take charge of tomorrow

I’ve worked hard and I’ve done well
Well enough to leave the pain behind
I chose not to dwell where I fell
But the place still haunts my mind

My mission now is to make darn sure
That no one should bear what I bore
I try and give to those who are poor
So they too can have a little more

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